To Myself


172 cm

62 kg


Rémi Rivet


I’ve been doing elite sport since 2018 when I was an orienteering specialist. During the Covid, I realized that I had physical abilities and I wanted to exploit them by competing in mountain races in 2021. I got a taste for it and enjoyed seeing my potential, which is why, after three years with the Swiss orienteering national team, I retired. I now have big ambitions for the future in this sport after having been able encouraging performance this year, and I’m looking for partners who want to support me in this great adventure. As well as sport, I’ve started studying medicine at the University of Fribourg and I’m lucky enough to be able to combine my studies with my sport.

In October 2023, I finished Morat Fribourg with the 2nd best Swiss time and the 5th best time in the history of the Fribourg running race. It was a real wake-up call for me.

Soldini Jonas, présentation

Jonas Soldini, un champion fribourgeois de 17 ans

Journal du 10 novembre 2022​